General Product Properties

1) As PACS has a high concentration of active material, it is compared with other coagulants in its dosing to dose much lower.
2) Since PACS operates with comparatively low doses, the costs for dosing pump capacity, energy consumption and maintenance are much lower.
3) Due to its enhanced surface activity and well-developed load neutralization capacity, PACS reacts immediately and ensures rapid flocculation.
4) PACS is supplied ready to use. Therefore, it does not incur any costs for the preparation of solutions or for the dilution of the product.
5) As PACS is a highly concentrated product supplied ready to use, it ensures that storage space and related difficulties and risks are minimized. On 1m2 area 4 tonnes of the product can be stored.
6) Due to its high density and its polymerized core, PACS provides a reduction of up to 75% of the chemical sludge which occurs within the purification processes.
7) Due to the hydroxide groups (OH ¯) in high numbers contained in the core of PACS, the basicity of the product is approximately 80%.
8) Due to the high basicity of PACS the after reaction pH variation value is only about 1-2%. That is why it eliminates or minimizes the necessity of using lime or acid-caustic acid usually needed to balance the pH value.
9) Due to its high basicity, PACS provides maximum protection of the health and safety of the worker / user.
10) PACS is more efficient in removing turbidity, color, organic matter and especially of heavy metals when compared to other coagulants.
11) The efficiency rate of PACS in the elimination of total organic carbon (TOC, TOK) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is approximately 75% depending on the feed water quantity. Thus, it reduces or completely eliminates the need of pre-chloring.
12) Thanks to its pre-polymerized nature PACS does not leave residual aluminum (Al+3) in water. The residual aluminum (Al+3) is always far below the limit values.
13) PACS has a very wide turbidity operating range. It shows the same performance under turbidity conditions of less than 4 NTU to over 4000 NTU.
14) PACS’s operating temperature range is quite wide. The product can enter into reaction in temperatures below 4 ° C and above 35 ° C.
15) PACS's pH operating value is wide - from 6,0 to 11,0.
16) PACS's economic life is 30 years. It can keep its liquid form at -12°C and has a structure which is resistent to sun and humidity.
17) PACS doesn’t color the water like other coagulants (FeCl3, FeSO4).
18) PACS is being produced with 100% domestic capital and workforce.
19) PACS is 99,99% pure and does not contain any content to leave residuals in purified water.
20) PACS’s oil, grease removal rate is at the level of 90%.